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The gap between what we learn in grad school to what we’re faced with in our day-to-day is huge when it comes to motor speech disorders.

I’ve dedicated tons of time to researching, learning, and exploring the best ways to treat pediatric MSDs during my career — but it didn’t happen overnight! That’s why this community and these courses are so important.

I encourage you to dive into the content we’ve created specifically to break down these crucial concepts into bite-sized pieces, including clinical examples you can use right away!

The more we can support each other in this field, the better we’re able to treat our clients and make a difference.

Meet Dr. Jenn Moore

Welcome to our online community! 

 I’m a licensed speech-language pathologist with a multidisciplinary practice in NJ! I have spent the last 15 years of my career assessing and treating muscle and motor-based disorders in babies, children, and young adults so they can achieve optimal oral function for breathing, speaking, and oral eating. 

During my career, I’ve worked in schools, early intervention, and universities before settling into private practice. I am certified in the PROMPT approach and have completed extensive coursework and practicum in oral-facial myology. 

I’ve been a PROMPT instructor since 2012 and currently teach courses to SLPs all over the U.S. On top of my clinical practice and lecturing, I also conduct research projects with other like-minded professionals so we, as a field, can level up our knowledge about muscle and motor-based disorders. We’ve even presented our projects at several national conventions and online conferences.

My mission is to create an online community for all things related to muscle and motor-based disorders. A place where SLPs, parents, and other professionals can come to learn through our online courses, mentoring, resources library, and consulting.

When I’m not treating MSD clients, you’ll find me:

☕ Drinking an iced coffee

🏃 Chasing my 4 kids around

🐕 Going on a nature walk with my dogs

Thank you for being here —I can’t wait to see what you achieve!

Our Values


When we’re confident in our treatment of MSD it empowers us, our staff members, and our clients to achieve better results, faster!


SLPs who learn from each other and openly share information ultimately drive the field as a whole toward a brighter future.


The best way for SLPs to move forward as a field is by engaging with others AND with clients to create a well-rounded community.

"Dr. Moore is absolutely fantastic! She is incredibly knowledgeable, positive and supportive as an Instructor and mentor."

Holly R

FREEBIE: 20 Signs of Pediatric Motor Speech Disorders

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