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Looking for a mentor to support you in your SLP career?
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When I started out as an SLP in 2007, I didn’t realize how much I still needed to learn! Things that are not in our textbooks like, how to prioritize treatment approach, seeking additional mentorship during your CFY, when/how to make your next career move, how to create work/life balance, even how to open up a private practice! 

I believe every SLP should have a mentor for each stage of their career, because investing in your growth builds confidence which helps you make a bigger impact with your clients. When SLPs support each other, the field benefits as a whole.

If you’re interested in a coaching session with me, choose one from the list below that best fits your goals!

PROMPT Mentoring

Best for: SLPs who have taken at least Introduction to PROMPT (Level 1) who are looking to advance their technique or application of PROMPT, or those working on certification. 

I specialize in the PROMPT approach and motor speech disorders in children, with emphasis on how to use this method on clients with communicative, cognitive, or emotional support needs. Once you’ve used the PROMPT framework to treat the child as a whole (versus only focusing on one element like other approaches), you’ll be totally hooked! Now, I help SLPs use a tactile-kinesthetic input to encourage accurate motor skills (and simultaneously prevent inaccurate ones!).

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Patient Support/


Best for: SLPs who are working with motor speech clients who might feel stuck or want a second pair of eyes on the client, or want to talk out a treatment plan or assessment. 

Do you have a client who’s treatment isn’t working as planned, or you’re not sure what to try next? Sometimes it’s great to have an outside opinion! I’d love to help you put the puzzle together and create a plan of action so you can finally see improvement.

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1:1 Mentoring

Best for: SLPs who are seeking guidance in private practice, career choices, general field of SLP, work-life balance, or just wanting to talk something out. 

Perfect for you if you’re not exactly sure what you need out of a mentor, but you know that you don’t want to figure out your next step alone. If you’re a brand new SLP, ready to start (or expand) a private practice, or you’re just overwhelmed by the day-to-day and need new systems to help you find balance, I’d love to support you!

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Parent Coaching

 Best for: Parents and/or caregivers of children with a motor speech disorder who need a second pair of eyes on their child as they navigate diagnosis, assessment, and treatment.

I am here for support with your child's IEP, making sure the therapy focus is appropriate, assistance with carryover and activities in the home, and anything else you need support with! Feel free to show me video footage of your child so I can really get a good picture of their current speech and motor abilities! 

*Please note, this is not treatment for the child, but rather coaching and support for parents and caregivers. 

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"She is such an amazing mentor because she is incredibly knowledgeable, but has this approachability to her that helps everyone who works with her truly be successful."

Sarah W.

FREEBIE: 20 Signs of Pediatric Motor Speech Disorders

Download this free guide! This is the perfect addition to any clinic or therapy room wall as an easy, quick reference!