ParentsĀ Guide to Motor Speech Assessment and Treatment

This one is for all my motor speech PARENTS!Ā 

This course will cover:

  • Common motor speech termsĀ 
  • Overview of motor speech developmentĀ 
  • What to expect at an motor speech evaluationĀ 
  • Components of motor based treatmentĀ 
  • Strategies for supporting motor speech development at home
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"Dr. Moore is one of my most memorable professors in graduate school. She took the time to work with along side with us, treated and respected us like we were a team, and shared so much knowledge that has stuck with me over the past 6+ years. I was introduced to the concept of PROMPT in our class and as my background in motor speech is slowly growing, I cannot wait to continue to learn from you! "

Amanda K.

FREEBIE: 20 Signs of Pediatric Motor Speech Disorders

Download this free guide! This is the perfect addition to any clinic or therapy room wall as an easy, quick reference!